Getting Started Part 2: Building FlexUnit

If you are reading this section then you should have already downloaded the source repository from GitHub, if you have not gone through that process, read the section here to get started.

Windows Users:
When you setup SmartGit, you chose a directory for your repository to live in. Although we want to import the projects contained within, we don't need to move them anywhere.

Open up FlashBuilder, using the File Menu select File >> Import >> Other as shown below


Select "Import Existing Projects Into Workspace"


At the next window, browse to the root directory of your git repository, we generally like to call it FlexUnit.git


You can choose which of the projects you wish to import, some of them may be unnecessary for your development. In this window, add a check next to each of the essential projects. Generally FlexUnit4 & FlexUnit4Test will be necessary for all projects.

Don't copy the files into the existing project workspace, instead keep the files referenced so that you can commit and update as needed from the Git Repository.


When you click finish, the projects should move into the workspace.