Getting Started Part 1: Obtaining FlexUnit code (Windows Users)

The FlexUnit project is now hosted on In order to do any work on the project, you must first create an open source account.

Once setup, your GitHub account is the baseline for tracking your contributions. For an overview of Git distributed revision system, check out the Wikipedia Entry.

Before downloading the code, take a look at the new features other users have been working with. In order to clone either the main or another user's repository, we recommend using SmartGit. Before downloading SmartGit, you must install Git on your local machine.

Once you have downloaded and installed Git, you can install SmartGit git client.

The first authentication task is the creation of a unique SSH key, in order for git to interact with your GitHub account. Use the screenshot below as a reference:


After entering the "Show SSH Key" window, you'll need to generate a new SSH key. Copy that SSH key, you'll need to input it in Account Settings >> Account Overview >> SSH Public Keys >> Add Another Key dialog. Enter a name that is descriptive of the machine you are currently using (Office, Home, Laptop, etc.)


SmartGit is made for easy integration with, so it's best to store your credentials, which can increase the productivity and consistency of your workflow.

The first time you configure SmartGit, it should auto prompt installation of Git and a standard input of your GitHub credentials. If you skip the autostart, you can access each of these settings via Edit >> Preferences in the file menu.

The following is the order in which the dialogs appear. The information entered is fairly self explanatory, and all of it comes from your GitHub account:





Once you have these setup, you are ready to clone a respository of your choosing. Your clone can either be based on the main FlexUnit project (git:// or you can clone another user's repository, utilizing the changes they have committed and "branching" from their work.

In SmartGit select Project >> Clone and the following view will popup. Place the Read-Only URL you wish to clone in the "Repository URL" field for "Remote Repository"


SmartGit will take a few moments to clone the repository. Assuming success, SmartGit has successfully created a branch for you in the FlexUnit project.

When you "commit changes," those changes will only commit locally. When changes are "Pushed", they are put back on the server, both for branching, collaboration, and review of the owners/administrators of the project.

For the next step, check out Building FlexUnit.