Does FlexUnit 4 have backwards compatibility?

Yes, Our policy with FlexUnit 4 has been to work in a completely new environment and never break backward compatibility. Therefore, we include the FlexUnit .9 and Fluint 1 libraries, but we never change them.

FlexUnit 4.x uses built-in runners in order to run FlexUnit .9 and Fluint 1 tests. These runners are:

 • Fluint1ClassRunner which executes Fluint 1.x test classes. 
 • FlexUnit1ClassRunner which executes FlexUnit .9 test classes.

Be mindful of issues that may have existed in FlexUnit 1, and were never resolved. These issues (bugs, typos) will remain because of the policy of backwards compatibility. A good example is the FlexUnit 1 assertion class (flexunit.framework.Assert). There is a type in the Assert.assetionMade statement (as you can see, it is missing an 'r'). We recommend that you use the new assertion library (org.flexunit.Assert).

Wherever possible, attempt to write your tests under the org.flexunit namespace(s).