What is the relationship between FlexUnit 4 and Flash Builder 4?

Adobe decided to include FlexUnit 4 in Flash Builder 4, which was great. However, when it comes to the way in which they did so, the way in which libraries are linked and the way to plugin works, we (the FlexUnit team) are only able to provide suggestions. We have no control over the approach and little ability to influence the process.

There is no formal relationship between these two teams. What features Adobe chooses to support and the workflow/integration are purely business choices being made by Adobe. FlexUnit is purely a community project without funding or support from Adobe. It continues to evolve as we add new features and integrate contributions. Adobe may choose to increase the level of integration or to adopt newer versions as we proceed, but that is solely at their discretion.

To that end, we cannot change the way the plugin works, etc. However, we will be posting information for users interested in updating their Flash Builder version with our latest code base.